Shenandoah Veterinary Clinic

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We offer 4 packages for clients to select from at the time of the annual physical appointment and prior to the veterinarian's exam.  All package prices include a comprehensive physical exam, 4Dx blood parasite screen, fecal floatation, nail trim, all recommended or required vaccinations, and all basic non-invasive in-house diagnostics or therapies (examples include ear cytology, skin cytology, skin scraping, wound cytology, fine needle aspirates of masses, simple ear cleaning, anal gland expressions, minor wound cleaning ----examples of those NOT included would be any proceedure requiring sedation or anesthesia, radiographs, cultures, complex urinalysis, any outside laboratory testing.  We will always inform you if a procedure or diagnostic will result in an additional charge prior to performing it.  The services listed above are provided at no additional charge only at the time of the annual visit. On subsequent visits throughout the year there will be a charge for these services at the discounted rate determined by package selected.  If you chose not to participate in our health package program that is not a problem.  You will still receive the same quality service and attention and each item will be charged out individually.

Basic Package:  This is our basic preventive health package and consists of those things outlined above.  Then client will then receive a 5% discount on all services and products for the next 12 months

Comprehensive Package Level 1:  A great option for canine patients in the 3-6 year old range on long term medications, in need of a dental cleaning or other anesthetic procedure, and who have owners that like to be proactive with regards to their dog's health.  The Level 1 Comprehensive includes everything stated above as well as a 12 Chemistry Blood Panel to look at liver and kidney function, protein and glucose levels and electrolytes.  The client will receive a 10% discount on all services and products for the next 12 months

Comprehensive Package Level 2:  Designed and recommended for all dogs over the age of 6 as a geriatric work-up, the diagnostics included in this package are designed to screen for the more common diseases and conditions that begin to effect dogs of this age.  It includes everything stated above as well as a 12 Chemistry Blood Panel, a Complete Blood Count, T4 Blood Screening, and Urinalysis.  The client will receive a 10 % Discount on all services and products as well as HALF-PRICE Office Visit/Recheck Exam Fees for the next 12 months.

Full Preventive Healthy Package: For those who want to do everything we have this option.  In addition to every diagnostic performed with the Comprehnsive Level 2 Package, your dog will also receive x-rays of the chest and abdomen, a dental cleaning, and oral exam (extractions, if needed do come at an additional cost). The client will recieve a 10% discount on all services and products and have the Office Exam/Recheck Exam Fees WAIVED for the next 12 months