Shenandoah Veterinary Clinic

4210 State Highway 6 South
College Station, TX 77845



Thank you again for choosing our clinic for the care of your pets.  Please take a moment to "walk" through our online tour.  We are located on the south bound Highway 6 access road between Barron Rd and William D. Fitch right next to ABC Pest Control. After purchasing the clinic in 2006, Dr. Bostick and Shaina's first project was to remodel the waiting area in hopes of providing a warm, welcoming, family type atmosphere.  Kaye and Marcy will be  waiting to greet you with a smile and to help in anyway they can.   There are two exam rooms right off the waiting room and we will always work hard to get you in and out of them as soon as possible. 

Our treatment room, lab, and hospitalization area are all located just on the other side of the exam rooms.  The lab is fully equiped to run in-house blood chemistries, complete blood counts, thyroid testing and monitoring, coagulation testing, liver & kidney enzyme monitoring, blood and intestinal parasite screening/monitoring, fungal cultures, cytologies and many more.  For those lab tests that cannot be done in-house we use TVMDL here in College Station.  We also use Heska as our outside lab for allergy testing.  Most of our hospitalized animals are kept in the hospitalization kennels in this same area so we can keep a constant watch on their progress.

A significant amount of time is spent in the surgery room. We use a variety of anesthetic combinations for pre-anesthetic sedation and induction.  They are then maintained using inhalant gas. All of our patients receive injectable pain medications at the time of surgery and go home on oral pain control.  Other than for a few rare exceptions, intravenous fluids are run during all of our anesthetic procedures.  A warm water bed helps to regulate core body temperature while the patients are on the surgical table. Our monitoring equipment includes a respiratory monitor, pulse oximeter for pulse rate and oxygen saturation,an electrocardiogram, blood pressure monitoring, and of course, a dedicated technician to stay with your pet from intubation to extubation.

Dental care is something we emphasize at Shenandoah Vet Clinic.  We offer very affordable dental care options with our health packages to encourage routine dental care.  However, some animals require more than routine cleaning.  Periodontal disease, broken teeth, oral infections, and abscessed teeth are common problems our patients face.  For these cases we have dental x-ray to diagnose the problem and develope a proper treatment plan.

The x-ray room is a critical part of the the diagnostic process in every veterinary general practice.  We utilize a digital x-ray system which provides quality diagnostic radiographs.  It also enables us to share films easily with other practices for radiographic consultations, surgical consultations, and surgical referrals.   We also routinely perform ultrasound exams for diagnostic, monitoring, and  reproduction purposes. 

There are several "pet resorts" here in College Station that provide a wonderful service to our community.  However, some clients prefer to board pets with somebody who knows the animals medical history and specific medical needs.  For this reason we do offer a limited boarding facility for our clients only.  We have large 3 foot by 6 foot runs for dogs and a separate cat room so that the cats can have some peace and quite.  They are walked at least three times daily on leash in our back yard.