Shenandoah Veterinary Clinic

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Our Preventive Health Programs are "packages" designed to encourage participation in certain preventive health diagnostics and maintenance procedures.

As with us, detecting disease early, and even prior to the presence of clinical signs, is key to diagnosis and treatment.  However, unlike us, an annual physical exam is limited in that our patients cannot simultaneously tell us what changes they are experiencing, what hurts, or what feels different.  Additionally, our pets clearly age much faster than us.  While the physical exam is the cornerstone of any of any diagnostic and treatment plan, it limits us to what we can see, feel, smell, or hear externally.  Our health programs are designed to do the following:

1) Give you options and involvement in the care of your pet(s)

2) Increase the utilization of routine diagnostics at the time of the annual physical exam

3) Increase the utilization of preventive health options like blood screenings, thyroid testing, and urinalysis

4) Increase utilization of preventive health proceedures like routine dental cleanings

5) Reward client participation with discount incentives

Please see the "Screenings" link below for mor information of animal aging and the importance of early detection diagnostics.